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Chicken pox, otherwise known as Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV/HHV-3) is just one of eight different viruses that are infectious to people, in the herpesvirus family, although there are 100 known herpes viruses. Acute infection leads to varicella, or “chicken pox.” It’s contagious through direct contact with a skin lesion or through airborne spread from respiratory droplets.

Over 90% of today’s adults acquired the virus during childhood and lifelong immunity is boosted every time there is contact with an active case of wild chickenpox. Historically, children have generously given their parents, teachers, pediatricians, and the community at large this “immune boost”, but with more and more children getting the chicken pox vaccine, since it became available in 1995, fewer and fewer children are getting this childhood acute illness, and are not supplying the immune boost needed to avoid Shingles.

The VZ virus is a retrovirus which means it remains dormant in the cranial nerve. Dorsal root ganglia can reactivate later causing Herpes Zoster (HZ) or “shingles,” if exogenous (outside) boosts are not encountered or if the person is immunocompromised (under stress, in a state of flux). Being in contact with children carrying VZV (chicken pox) is what tones and ‘reminds’ the immune system to stay healthy.

Is the Chicken Pox Vaccine Necessary?

After the development of the chickenpox vaccine, during the post surveillance study done in Antelope Valley, CA, researcher Gary Goldman, Ph.D. observed a sharp increase in shingles cases and became very alarmed. This was later confirmed by other scientists.

Recent studies have revealed that contracting chicken pox is, in fact, very beneficial to the developing immune system. Mother Nature devised an effective plan for this disease to be contracted during childhood, providing lifelong immunity and boosting health!

If a child does not get chicken pox naturally by the time he/she is a pre-teen, the homeoprophylaxis for VZV can educate the immune system and decrease the likelihood of getting shingles and other more serious chronic illnesses.

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